Speaker: Halil İbrahim Kalkan

Level: 300

This talk is based on a microservice demo solution which begins by introducing challenges of a distributed software architecture and explains how the demo solution solves the problems introduced. The solution uses industry standard tools like RabbitMQ, Redis, Ocelot, IdentityServer4, Docker… etc.

Talk Overview:

  • From Monolithic to Microservice: Challenges of the Distributed Architecture
  • Authentication with IdentityServer4
  • API Gateways, Backend for Frontend approach, Ocelot library and its basic configuration
  • Synchronous communication (e.g. REST) between services
  • Dynamic C# API Client Proxying
  • Asynchronous Communication: Messaging, Event Bus
  • A Data Duplication, Synchronization & Lookup pattern
  • Service-to-Service Calls: Passing/Obtaining Access Tokens
  • Transaction Problem on Publishing Events