Speaker: Elton Stoneman

Level: 300

The future of .NET solutions is microservice architectures in .NET Core, running in Linux containers under Kubernetes. But where does that leave the .NET Framework apps running on Windows Server which power your business right now? Come to this session and learn how those apps can run in Docker containers under Kubernetes too.

You’ll get up to speed quickly on two of today’s most wanted technologies – Docker and Kubernetes – with a 100% focus on .NET. You’ll learn how to package .NET Framework apps to run in Windows containers and how to run classic monolithic apps in containers on Kubernetes. Then you’ll see how you can use Docker to break up monoliths, extracting features to run in separate containers – with demos in .NET Framework and .NET Core.

You’ll leave with a clear understanding of the roadmap for your Windows apps: migrate them to Docker, run them in Kubernetes and gradually evolve them into a modern distributed architecture, without a full rewrite. And you’ll see how to run .NET apps in a local Kubernetes cluster and in the cloud with Azure Kubernetes Service.