Speakers: Kamil Mrzygłód, Sławomir Kwasiborski

Level: 400

Congratulations! You’ve just deployed your brand new Kubernetes cluster, which will ensure everything’s up and running. You can now start deploying various services, all infinitely working without any kind of disturbance and flaws. Everyone’s happy, you are getting promoted and… you’re awake! Your actual cluster is as furious as a wild mustang and most of the services are behaving like a group of enraged teenagers. You’re trying to reproduce all of the issues locally, but no matter how hard you try, it just doesn’t work. Cloud environment, distributed dependencies, PaaS components – all that fancy stuff, which was supposed to make your life easier, now decided to show you their true colors.

This is the moment, when you realize, that the times when you just hit F5 and start debugging are definitely gone and you’re starting to miss them. During the session we’ll show you how to break the curse of “undebuggable” Kubernetes services – starting from a simple proxying of a connection to establishing a tunnel from a Docker container… inside another Docker container.